Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the beginning...

“The beginning is a very delicate time…” Princess Irulan, Dune

This is a new venture.  Like many attempts previously, it might peter out in a blaze of obscurity.  I will assume that it won’t.  In that assumption let me tell you about what this blog will be about.  It will be about observation, and detail.  It will be looking at the world as it is, paying attention to those things that seems to get missed in all the noise surrounding us.
It will also be about looking at the world at is may yet be.  We will discuss technology, not from a wonkish, techno-geek perspective, but from a more human based point of view.  Geeking out about this tech or that tech is covered ad nauseum, what we will look at is the effect of technology on humanity.  A sound tool in the right hand can do more to improve the human condition than all the political machinations devised.
            We will talk about the future.  About climbing out of mankind’s cradle, and moving off into the vastness of space.  We will work toward a world where things work; a world where our children and their children live at peace.  A world where there is plenty, where disease and war are things talked about in history books. These are our aspirations.
           I believe that all problems are solvable, provided that one can employ enough resources to the solution.  Solutions come from the application of effort, not based on fear or ignorance, but reasoned effort.  Reason, sweat equity and humility might do more for man in the long run.  A rational pragmatism, based on soundly arrived principles can unify humanity.  Not that such a thing is going to happen today.
Today is also another part of what I want to talk about.  We have a war of pundits in boxes, juxtaposed by their inability to find common ground.  When people decide to strap bombs on their children, because they hate their enemies more than they love their children, what does that say about humanity? And why all this hate, because reason has been submitted to the dogma of faith.  When we point at the other, and scream “Infidel”, “Yankee”, “Democrat” or “Conservative”, what possible good can come from that? Do you have to be wrong for me to be right?
          Do not take this as a pacifistic attitude.  Pacifists usually have bad endings. I believe in standing, defiantly. There will always be things to fight for, and maybe we will be on the right side of history.  That is for generations yet unborn to decide.  Standing is not passive, it is provocative.  It is looking the Man in the eye and calling him out for the ills he has caused.  It is giving the digitius impudicus, it is saying “Come and get them” when you are told to lay down your weapons, it is saying “I refuse.” when faced with force. They can only kill you once, right?
         We will stand firmly in the present, looking toward tomorrow.  I will be wrong, I will be right, I may in fact be wishy washy.  I reserve the right to amend my positions and grow as we go through this process.  This is a two way process, as no blog is any good without commentary.  And so, I invite yours, as we begin.


  1. Can I be the first to follow you? By the way, I love the word "pundit". It has a nice ring to it. Wonderful start. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. Catiche,

    Thank you for coming aboard! Pundit always reminds me of a professor without a classroom. They have something to say, but nowhere to say it. Then came 24/7/365 cable news feeds. Now they are everywhere. Spinning the infotainment, looking like a bizarre mutation of the Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares.