Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Journeyman Chronicles: Part 4

Return from the Darkside

Those that follow closely will note that it has been some time since I have posted.  I could conveniently blame life for throwing too many distractions my way, but that would only be partly true.  Sometimes we find ourselves lost on the Darkside, alone in crowded rooms, alienated amongst family, and unable to understand why we can’t find our way.
I would love to say that that I have found my way back into the light again, but I have been fooled by it so many times.  What at first appears to be brilliant illumination, sadly resolves into just a mere shadow.  A cruel deceit, it fades, stranding me again in darkness, alone.  The Darkside does not play favorites, it is not kind, and does not care how hard you have tried.  It is stone, hard and unyielding, and it will not just give up because you have had enough
After a time, my wanderings lead me to another small, dim patch.  This time it is real, it is light.  A mere wisp of a flame to hold off the darkness, but it is there.  I cling to it, desperation feeds hope.  Is this the way out?  Tears stain my face, as I scramble across the midnight landscape, sharp edges tearing at my flesh.  The pain will not stop me this time, I will cross over.

And then I am there. Blue skies, sunlight, a fresh wind blowing in the trees, it is as I remember it.  Right now I am home.  I have been gone a long while, things have changed.  I don’t trust my memory; my time on the Darkside has made me question what is real, what is just a trick of the imagination.  It seems like this is the place; this is my house, this is my wife and these are my children.  I am home, I begin to weep; I let waves of emotion splash over me.  I am home, I am home…I can’t stop repeating it, but it is true.  I am home.